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We are a division of Mira Promo Corp, the premiere bureau showcasing distinguished professional speakers on today's international speaking circuit.  Our group includes celebrated voices of inspiration and motivation, plus Hispanic Heritage presenters and Latino keynote speakers.

We can help you find the award-winning, inspirational/ motivational, business, and top education keynote speaker for your local and international needs.

Need help navigating our platform and finding your speaker?
We are client - friendly and will help you at no extra cost to you.
We've been serving the U.S. and world for almost two decades.

Select from our best keynotes platform of celebrated motivational and inspirational keynote speakers to make your next special event a success. Best keynotes also includes award winning Latino comedians and Hispanic performance speakers ready to take part in your meeting or conference.

We work with every need, from small meetings to affinity group events.

Need a Speaker in English or Spanish? We are uniquely equipped to help.

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