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  Jorge Cherbosque, Ph.D., is a practicing clinical psychologist, Co-director of the Staff and Faculty Counseling Center at U.C.L.A., and an Associate Professor at the Anderson School of Management at U.C.L.A. He is a sought-after speaker for Young Presidents Organization, the Entrepreneur’s Organization, and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

 Dr. Jorge Cherbosque was born and raised in Mexico and lived and traveled in different parts of the world until he settled in the United States 25 years ago. He received Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Psychology from the University of Southern California and has directed the U.C.L.A. Staff and Faculty Consultation and Counseling Center for the past 17 years. 

For over two decades, Dr. Cherbosque has been a speaker, trainer, and global consultant for various Fortune 500 companies as well as a resource over the past 15 years for YPO, WPO, and YEO. In his work with YPO, he has facilitated numerous retreats worldwide, has provided moderation training, and has been invited to address diverse YPO chapters during their educational meetings.

He is the author of numerous articles published in a broad range of scholarly journals and the co-author of the book, Emotional intelligence and Diversity Leadership for Results: The Hard Truth about Soft Skills. Dr. Cherbosque is a clinical and industrial psychologist whose vision and philosophy is oriented toward helping individuals and organizations move from what he calls “TGIF” (Thank God It’s Friday) to “TGIH” (Thank God I’m Here).  His passion lies in helping his clients reencounter their uniqueability – which is where their passions and talents merge. 

A highly interactive and engaging speaker, Dr. Cherbosque’s approach to training is geared toward four different but interrelated goals: seminar attendees will receive at least one practical idea that they can apply to their family and home life; one practical idea that they can apply to their work life; and one practical idea for their self development. The fourth goal is to create an environment of safety and joy because he believes that is how real learning best occurs.

Dr. Cherbosque has been a keynote speaker and a workshop presenter in myriad international settings.  Some of his most frequently requested seminars include:

  • Radiating Possibility
  • Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary
  • Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Your Family
  • Emotional Intelligence as a Leadership Skill that Inspires Heart and Soul Commitment
  • Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children
  • Stress without Distress
  • Taking the Difficulty Out of Differences: Emotional Intelligence and Diversity
  • The Courage to Change: The Transformative Power of Emotions
  • Healing the Wound that Will Not Heal: A Retreat for Grief and Loss
  • Getting the Love You Want: A Workshop for Couples; and
  • The Visionary Life.

His clients include numerous international organizations such as Cox Communications, Yahoo, Knight Ryder Digital, Chase Manhattan Bank, Verizon, Herbalife, General Motors, American Express, Toyota, Wells Fargo bank, and Neutrogena among others.    


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